KIOSK substations

A full array of reputable and quality kiosk substations has been provided by QME to numerous major projects in Hanoi and Northern provinces and has been in safe and continuous operation for years.

▪ Kiosk substation is an optimal technical solution for customers demanding small construction space but high aesthetics.

▪ Kiosk substations are used in loop medium-voltage grids, with voltages up to 36kV and rated current up to 630A.

▪ Low voltage switchgear and RMUs (Ring main units) are imported from leading manufacturers such as Schneider, ABB, Siemens, LS, etc. Therefore, our integrated kiosk substations are of high quality and reliability, capable of satisfying customers’ special requirements. Thanks to its special design, the kiosk can be easily transported, installed and operated.

KIOS substation at QME factory
KIOS substation at QME factory

Technical Specifications

High-voltage chamber

• Applicable standards: IEC 60694

• Rated voltage: 12/24/36kV

• Typical configuration: RMU 24kV 630A 3 chambers, 02 incoming feeders, 01 feeder to the transformer; HRC fuse to protect the transformer

Transformer chamber

• Applicable standards: IEC 60076

• Rated high voltage: up to 35kV

• Rated low voltage: 690V

• Rated frequency: 50Hz

• Transformer capacity: up to 2000kVA

Low-voltage chamber

• Applicable standards: IEC 60439-1

• Rated voltage: 690V

• Rated current: up to 3200A

• Typical configuration: anti-loss chamber (meter, transformer, and indicator), switchgear chamber (ACB or general MCCB, branch MCCB, surge arrester).