To gradually build Quang Minh Industrial Technique Joint Stock Company into a strongly-organized professional company with advanced production, M&E construction and installation technologies, jointly developing the Company in a comprehensive way for a sustainable future.


– To create and protect sustainable investment values ​​for our customers and partners in the main guideline of financial transparency and professionalism in organization and production and construction technologies.

– To well balance the principal interests of our customers, employees, partners and the community in the principle of fair and truthful governance.

– To persistently build a team of staff with good morality, qualified expertise and modern styles, in a professional working environment.


– To achieve a professional management and production organization based on technologies, managerial qualifications and skills to offer the best products to consumers.

– To develop Quang Minh Industrial Technique Joint Stock Company into a leader in the field of manufacture, trading and installation of cable ladders, cable trays, electrical panels and switchboards for civil, industrial and building projects